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Terms and conditions of use

This is a legal agreement between the Zappyjobs site user and Zappyjobs. Zappyjobs, hereinafter, is referred to as the “site” in relation to the use of the “site”.

The Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Terms related to mobile devices and all Policies posted on set out the terms under which we offer the use of our site, services, applications and tools (collectively, the “Site”) and under which we will grant access to the “Site”.

Please read and agree to these terms before using the site.

By browsing the “site” you agree to be bound (e) by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of this contract as long as you are on the “site”. The terms and stipulations of this contract may change at any time and will take effect automatically.

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Zappyjobs welcomes you to our website. By using the services offered by Zappyjobs, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy associated with the management of potential changes. We suggest you periodically review these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to stay informed of and accept updates to said terms and conditions.

2. Services Offered by Zappyjobs

Zappyjobs is a job portal that offers location-based job search availability, peer recognition for candidates and ease of contact between candidates and employers.

For candidates, Zappyjobs offers detailed descriptions of jobs in your area, positions offered by multiple companies, and organizational profiles.

As an employer, Zappyjobs offers a chance to communicate directly with possible future employees through access to our database of active members. If you post an ad to fill a position, you are able to view who in your area is available to work.

As an advertiser, Zappyjobs offers an interesting and innovative technological platform which enables you to reach your target audience easily.

3. Copyright and Trademarks

The Zappyjobs logo and all its variations, the navigation tool, and all of Zappyjobs’ content are offered for non-commercial purposes. It is forbidden to use the logo or the information contained on the Zappyjobs site for commercial or advertising purposes, or to increase the volume of visitors to another site without the written permission of Zappyjobs.

Zappyjobs and other names, logos and icons related to Zappyjobs’ products and services are protected trademarks. Unless otherwise clearly stated, no part of our service should be construed as granting you any right whatsoever to use the intellectual property of Zappyjobs.

You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, transfer or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the site, or create derivative works of the aforementioned.

4. Username, Password

To use part of certain services or to access these, you must register on the site, create an account using your email address and password (your “Account”). You will be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You will be solely and exclusively responsible for all activities that occur on your account. You can access these services through a third party service (p. Ex. Facebook) by authorizing Zappyjobs to access your information through this service and store and use it as permitted on this service as described in our privacy policy.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password; Zappyjobs will at no time be held liable for the unauthorized use of your account. In case the confidentiality of such information may be compromised, please contact Zappyjobs to prevent possible misuse of your identity. Zappyjobs will not be liable for any loss or damage arising, in particular, from non-compliance with the security measures mentioned in this section. We strongly recommend consulting the LIMITATION OF LIABILITY contained in clause 6 of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to be well informed about the extent of your responsibility regarding Zappyjobs’ services.

Contact Zappyjobs as a candidate: [email protected]

Contact Zappyjobs as an employer/recruiter: [email protected]

5. Use of Communication Services Online

You are solely responsible for the content that you post in messages through our service and any consequences thereof. You should not use this service to promote or offer the sale of any goods or services for any business purpose, conduct or send any study, contest, pyramid schemes, chain letters, spam (“spam”), use piracy (” hacking “) to solicit or perform any other act for illegal purposes. It is also prohibited to perform acts that could undermine the rights of others and their enjoyment of the service. Enabled services and packages must be used within the time limits prescribed in your package agreement. No refunds will be given for unused services.

Although Zappyjobs reserves the right to delete data at our own discretion, this is a privilege, not an obligation. Zappyjobs makes no claims regarding control of content or of the information available, given the volume and speed of data transmission on the service.

6. Limitation of Liability

Our service offering is subject to an obligation of means within the limits of what is commercially reasonable. We hope that you will enjoy using our “site”. However our services are subject to a limited warranty.

Except as expressly provided in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, Zappyjobs makes no promises regarding our services. Therefore, we do not undertake anything regarding the content of employer posts and advertisements, features offered through the site to reliably or adequately meet your needs. We provide our services “as is”. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude any guarantees.

Search engine, directory and content are offered free of charge by Zappyjobs without any guarantee as to the accuracy or availability of sites. Moreover, Zappyjobs makes no claims toward the comprehensive nature of the results of your research. The information on the Internet is constantly changing, as are the sites that are present on Zappyjobs. Therefore, it is impossible to perform full updates at any given time. Zappyjobs can not be held responsible for lack of thoroughness in a search, or for lack of accessibility of a given site.

Zappyjobs can not guarantee the privacy of information transmitted over the Internet and can not be held liable for any damages caused by the disclosure of such information. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to assume all responsibility.

You hereby agree that Zappyjobs can not be held liable for any damage suffered, whether direct or indirect, from the use of its services. You further agree that all information contained in our website is provided as is without any guarantee as to the accuracy or reliability of the content.

7. Fees and Services.

The use of Zappyjobs’ services is free for candidates; however, some fees are required for employers and advertisers as part of the service offered. If the service you choose to use charges a fee, you will have the opportunity to review and accept these costs. Our fees are quoted in Canadian dollars and we reserve the right to adjust them from time to time. We will notify you of any changes to our fees by posting such changes on the “Site”.

It is possible that we will change our fees temporarily for promotional events or new services; these changes are effective from when we announce the promotional event or new service. Our fees are not refundable and you are responsible for payments when due. If you do not pay fees when due, we reserve the right to limit your access to Zappyjobs’ services. If your payment method fails or your account is past due, we reserve the right to involve a third party for the collection of the amount owed (for accounts that have passed their due date by more than 180 days, we may choose to deduct the amount from your PayPal account balance).

8. Security and Network Efficiency

While providing all reasonable efforts in terms of computer security, Zappyjobs can not guarantee efficacy nor foolproof security. In the event that a computer hack occurs, neither Zappyjobs nor any of its directors shall be held responsible for acts of hacking or be blamed for any damage or loss that might result for a member of the “Site”. Zappyjobs, the site, may suffer occasional breakdowns, and programming errors may be caused by updates or by events beyond the control of the administrators.

Neither the directors nor any member of the organization can be held responsible if a member is unable to navigate the “Site”, regardless of the reason (misunderstanding, online faulty telephone, incompatible modem, broken cable, improper configuration, incorrect browser, etc.).

9. Ownership of Content

You agree to grant Zappyjobs the right to use content submitted to the site for the purpose of the dissemination and promotion of your application, product or employment. This right is granted to Zappyjobs by the mere act of submitting your content to our services and is offered free of charge, is non-exclusive and of perpetual application. This comprises, among others, the right to use, reproduce, copy, in whole or in part, and display your content in our services, unless otherwise stated as expressly excluded.

You also agree that Zappyjobs reserves the right to remove from its network information whose content is deemed inappropriate or in violation of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

10. Personal Information.

Using Zappyjobs’ services, you consent to the collection, transfer, storage and use of your personal information by Zappyjobs (the “controller”) on servers located in Quebec, Canada. You also agree to receive promotional communications from Zappyjobs unless you choose not to receive such communications.

11. Breach of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are in place to protect our users and to maintain our quality of service. Be aware that any failure on your part to comply with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy established by this document can lead to the removal of your association to Zappyjobs.

12. Governing Law

This agreement on the Conditions of Service is governed by the applicable laws of the Province of Quebec. You hereby acknowledge that any dispute arising out of or relating to the use of services and the website Zappyjobs can be subject to the jurisdiction of the District of Montreal and courts of Quebec.

13. Indemnification

You hereby agree to take up the cause with Zappyjobs in the event that legal action can be taken against Zappyjobs following a violation of these ToS by yourself or any user of your account on the “Site”.

14. Display and Advertising

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

  • Zappyjobs (employment): one type of job for display and distribution. Services must be used within the specified period.
  • Zappyjobs (ad): impressions subject to availability. We reserve the right to change our advertising products by notifying you at least 30 days in advance. This agreement does not include the creation of your advertising material. Advertising material must be provided in the language of the site on which it will appear. GIF, JPEG and hyperlinks must be received no less than 5 working days before the start of the campaign. If the material is not received on time, Zappyjobs can not guarantee delivery according to the signed agreement.

Terms of Cancellation 

  • We do not reimburse any fees already paid.
  • No cancellations after the closing date has passed.


  • The invoice is payable upon receipt.
  • To avoid late fees or the deactivation of your account, please make sure your payment reaches us no later than 30 days after invoice (late fees: 2% per month, reactivation fee: $150).

15. Display Language

According to Article 41 of the Charter of the French language, all vacancies for positions based in Québec are required to be published in French (full content).

Under the terms of the Charter of the French language, which is law in Quebec, est. 1977, French is the official language of Quebec. Therefore, any company that has or wishes to establish a place of business in Québec must comply with the requirements of the Charter. Any person who contravenes a provision of the Act or regulations adopted by the government under the latter commits an offense and is liable to application of the Quebec Office of the French language, and possible prosecution. Zappyjobs invites you to follow the law by including a complete description of your post in French.

For more information on the provisions of the Act, which are applicable in relation to the language of employment in Quebec, please visit the following pages of the website of the Quebec Office of the French language:

La Charte de la langue française

La Charte de la langue française – Chapitre VI : La langue de travail

Travailler en français

16. Conditions for the Use of Links

Zappyjobs allows and encourages the presence of links on the “site”. You can establish a link back to Zappyjobs if you accept the conditions applicable to bonds (“Link Conditions”) described below. By establishing such a link, you automatically agree to these terms:

If you link with the site, Zappyjobs grants you a limited, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license, which allows you to use the trademark and internet icons associated with Zappyjobs, if available (hereinafter referred the “Licensed Marks”), solely to serve as a link between your website and that of Zappyjobs. Except for the limited license to use the Licensed Marks granted to you under this paragraph, it is forbidden to use trademarks or trademarks of Zappyjobs’ Services (the “Licensed Marks”) for any reason whatsoever without the prior written permission of Zappyjobs.

You acknowledge that all rights to the Marks, the content appearing on the pages of the website Zappyjobs and presentation of Web pages belong to Zappyjobs. You must not at any time, either directly or indirectly contest or infringe upon these rights.

If you establish a link with the site Zappyjobs, your website:

  • can not create frameworks around any part of the site or use other techniques that affect the visual integrity of the site;
  • can not suggest that Zappyjobs endorses you or your products or services;
  • can not imply an affiliation between your company and Zappyjobs without the prior written consent of Zappyjobs;
  • can not misrepresent the relationship between you and Zappyjobs, or present false or misleading impressions about the services of Zappyjobs; and
  • can not contain materials that may be interpreted as distasteful or offensive, materials must suit all age groups.

Zappyjobs reserves the right to export all links it deems relevant to its website (homepage, posts, directory, etc.).

Zappyjobs assumes no responsibility for any content that appears on your website.

Zappyjobs may at any time, at its sole discretion, immediately terminate your license to use the Licensed Marks and your right to link to its site, with or without cause. If Zappyjobs exercises this right, you will immediately remove all links to the website and stop using the Licensed Marks.

It is agreed that these Terms and Display Terms can be changed in whole or in part by Zappyjobs at any time, without notice. By continuing your participation and your user “site” you agree to abide by such Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as defined on the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy page and as written in the Site Terms of Zappyjobs.

Contact Zappyjobs as a candidate: [email protected].

Contact Zappyjobs as an employer/recruiter: [email protected]

17. Specific Use Policy: Employers

Rules of posting

There are some job post restrictions to ensure that Zappyjobs remains a safe environment. Therefore, you can not:

  • Post ads that contain defamatory, discriminatory or hateful content towards individuals or groups.
  • Post ads for pyramid or multi-level marketing (MLM) or use any other prohibited advertising.
  • Post adult oriented ads.
  • Post ads that refer to prostitution or sex.
  • Post ads with malicious or misleading information.
  • Post ads containing keywords that are not directly related to the job title.
  • Post ads in a language other than French or English.
  • Post ads that do not explicitly or implicitly describe the type of work they’re regarding.
  • Any announcement that does not respect the regulations of Zappyjobs will be deleted. Furthermore, users who violate this policy may lose access to the Zappyjobs site definitively.

Note that the first ad of all new employers will be analyzed by the Zappyjobs team to validate authenticity and compliance with our policies. Zappyjobs reserves the right to perform these checks less than 12 hours before the first ad is scheduled to post.

The general rule of job posting on Zappyjobs is: Do not post ads for jobs that are illegal in North America.

Moreover, the proposed use can only be offered in compliance with laws and regulations where you live. In the eyes of the law and regulations of Zappyjobs, you are responsible for jobs you advertise on the site.


  • It is prohibited to require a photograph for a job application.
  • It is forbidden to request applications from candidates for any other reason than hiring a person for a legitimate job.
  • It is strictly forbidden to request applications from candidates for personal reasons, for any sexual solicitation or improper purposes that could lead to the loss of the right to use Zappyjobs.

Login as employer or employment agency

If you are a business owner looking to hire staff, we ask that you register to Zappyjobs as an employment agency.

Zappyjobs payment credit card

By subscribing to pre-authorized payments by credit card, you authorize PayPal to make charges to your credit card on the 30th day of the month following the date of each invoice in respect to products and services rendered by Zappyjobs/or each of your insertion orders (so that if several bills are listed on my account, each will be charged to your card 30 days after the invoice date in question). If these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, you understand that these payments can be executed on the next business day.

I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until it is revoked in writing by me, and I undertake responsibility to notify the company in writing of any changes to the information on my credit card, or of the revocation of this authorization at least 15 days before the next billing date.

I certify that I am authorized to use this credit card and that I will not contest scheduled payments from the issuer of my credit card, provided that the transactions correspond to the methods described in this authorization. Payments declined by the credit card are subject to an administration fee of $75.00 CA. If the charge to the credit card is declined, Zappyjobs reserves the right to refuse service. Zappyjobs offers pre-authorized payments as an option to credit card holders and reserves the right to remove that option from any client at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

18. Code of Conduct Between Users

Although we do not actively monitor communications between users on our site, we reserve the right to remove content or prohibit access to our website for people who use our systems in ways deemed inappropriate.

In your communications with others:

  • We invite you to always show respect and courtesy.
  • Please do not respond to ads expressing opinions, comments or unsolicited judgments on the content of advertisements or about the people who publish them.
  • All communication must be for the purpose of the ad. It is forbidden to answer an ad in reference to other commercial offerings.
  • Abusive responses to advertisements are not permitted. Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to hold hateful or defamatory opinions in all communications.
  • It is forbidden to impersonate other users or provide false telephone numbers. People who commit such acts may lose the right to use Zappyjobs.

Zappyjobs reserves the right to revoke the ability of any user to answer advertisements without notice. If you receive a response that seems inappropriate, please notify our team support.