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What to Wear to your First Interview?

Importance of a Great First Impression

There has been a lot of mention in our society of what not to wear but there seems to less focus on what we should wear to our first job interview. Experts agree that we should always dress the part for the job we want. Remember, it is always best to set a positive first impression and we don’t get the chance to redo that initial introduction. The interviewer is going to get their first impression of you based on how you are dressed. The image we project onto the world in a large part dictates how we are viewed as individuals. Dressing professionally is a surefire way to distinguish yourself as a serious candidate in any job interview. Some of the other candidates might not have the same professional attitude as you do (after reading this blog post!) so you assuredly will have a legup on the competition.

What Not to Wear

If you are going for a job interview at a national clothing retailer, make sure you don’t wear clothing that is identifiably a competitive brand. For example, could you make a worst first impression than by wearing Reebok shoes if you are interviewing for a position at Nike? Also, remember that sometimes manufacturers have other brands that are known to industry experts as being competitor brands so make sure you do your homework on your attire.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Don’t forget to put your cell phone on silent and keep it out of sight in your bag or pocket. There is nothing worse than giving the interviewer the impression that you have something more important going on elsewhere or something more interesting that deserves your attention.

Always Dress to Impress

A certain way to impress the hiring manager is to wear a suit. Nothing projects professionalism like someone who puts on their best business suit for a job interview. The interviewer will instantly recognize that you are serious about this opportunity and in many instances, your enthusiasm will allow you to pass over more experienced job candidates. If you have long hair, make sure it is tied back. A classic black shoe is always a good option for footwear.

You can Never be too Enthusiastic in Life

Lastly, make sure you bring your best smile and positive energy to the interview. There is nothing more contagious in this life than enthusiasm. Send Zappyjobs feedback on what you think is the appropriate attire for the job that you want.

Open up to job opportunities

We are not always aware and prepared when comes the time of finding ourselves a new job. Too often, we suffer from from a lack of perspective and inevitably get drawn toward looking for standard jobs which are already familiar to us. However, there’s is much more to it than we tend to think: not just large enterprises have position opportunities to offer! Living in such a large and complex society implies by necessity the existence of a diverse work-force providing a wide array of products and services. Keep an open eye and open up to the opportunities you are offered!

Municipal Employment

If we had to start somewhere on the subject matter of possible job opportunities outside of private enterprises, we would be wise to do so with municipal jobs. Indeed, every city housing a considerable amount of inhabitants will also be in need of employees to manage its infrastructures and the services it offers.Furthermore, those jobs are often strictly reserved for the citizens of the city where the job is open. Certainly, there’s not gonna work for every single citizen, but municipalities could be a stable source of work, offering a good salary and a serious workspace.


You recently discovered technology plays an important part in your life and your feel the desire of making a career out of it? On its own, the internet has been proven responsible for the creation of over 1.2 M jobs, solely in the past 10 years. It is indeed an area of economics which is flourishing at an increasing rate and the generated demand for workers is still to this day exponentially growing. From the creation of mobile phone applications to web site managing, web development, network administration, website designing, down to electronic devices assembler/repairman and yet again so much more, the range of created and required jobs for the ever growing digital industry is a monumental niche for those of us who discover a marked interest in working with or around computers.

Tourism Industry

Are you personally fond of travels?  Had it ever crossed your mind that you could be working every day in that same joyful and relaxed atmosphere at the service of tourists? Tourism industry is an important pillar of economic activity for most countries and it is to this day still expanding! According to the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council), this industry alone was responsible for the creation of more than 260 M jobs in 2012, which turns out as 1 out of 12 jobs in total. An impressive amount diverse fields of work come together in the process of making this industry a reality. Starting with travel agencies that can help recommend and plan your dream vacation, following with the taxi drivers, plane pilots and shuttle drivers who will be driving you to destination and then once there, a plethora of jobs is mandatory for the management of lodging and the entertainment of travelers. And yet there’s still so much more! Making the decision of deciding on a career in the tourism industry could be the choice of working everyday in the relaxed and joyful environment you have been looking for.

So those were three work fields gathering in total a vast quantity of positions which ,at first glance, don’t always seem too considerable or obvious when we first start looking out for a job. But like with anything really, it is always recommended making use of your creativity and open mindedness when undertaking the task of finding a job that suits your needs!